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Succession Planning

It has become best practice for companies to undertake executive talent succession planning for their future long term success. A succession plan is more than a contingency plan, it involves talent recruitment, leadership training, executive development, talent management and staff retention planning to provide the company with a pipeline of outstanding executives who represent genuine options.

Mondo Search helps create succession plans for client organisations across the following specialist industries in Australasia: consumer good/FMCG; entertainment, hospitality and tourism; wine, liquor and beverages; media and communication; direct marketing; direct selling; franchising and sustainability and environmental. We support business succession planning with these workforce planning services:

  • Executive appraisal to determine performance and suitability for the company’s future needs. This should be conducted annually and include defining the evolving job requirements and position specification.
  • Successor candidate assessments against executive competencies that result in individual development plans for top executives.
  • External talent mapping. Organisations should have a deep understanding of the quality of executives in relevant firms who could be acquired to build their talent pool.
  • Recruitment of potential future executive successors into the top executive team, two or three years in advance provides more options for the company’s long term growth.
  • Introduction of outstanding executives for recruitment or benchmarking, to provide an appreciation of the strongest talent who could be attracted to the company.
With consultancies in Sydney and Melbourne, plus national and international affiliates, Mondo Search is one of Australia’s leading business succession planning firms.

If you are looking at creating a succession plan for your business and would like one of our consultants to contact you, please complete our online Client Contact Form or Contact Us.